Author Interview: Stewart Hoffman – The Bug Boys series

Who are you?

I’m Stewart! Hello! Born in the UK (South Yorkshire) and moved to Southern California in ’99. Now I use my 46 years of experience on this planet to feed my story ideas. I’m a reader, writer, geek, and a web developer.

Stewart Hoffman

What genre(s) do you like to write? To read?

I’ve always enjoyed science fiction and my first two books are in that genre. My favorite authors are Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett, Harry Harrison, and John Scalzi. I do read other genres, however, and recently enjoyed The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, and The Hate You Give by Angie Thomas. I’m currently working on my third novel, which is an afterlife fantasy piece.

Why did you start writing?

I think I started writing in response to entering my forties! I know I was probably supposed to handle this ‘crisis’ by dating someone half my age, or buy an expensive sports car, but I decided to produce a book instead. I think I made the right choice.

What do you do when you’re not writing?

By day I’m a mild-mannered web developer. When I’m not writing, I watch movies, read books, and occasionally play computer games. I meet and collaborate with other writers in my critique group, and I occasionally support other self-published authors by reading and reviewing their work.


Are you independently or traditionally published?

I chose to self-publish my stories. Initially, my plan was to write a single book and release it (bucket list checkbox situation) but I enjoyed the experience so much, I decided to keep going. I figured I could either publish my books myself, or spend years begging literary agents to read my work. I didn’t have the patience for the latter, so there you go.

How many books/stories have you published so far?

I have published two books in The Bug Boys series.

What book/story are you currently promoting or working on?

I’m always promoting my Bug Boys series (as best I can within my limited budget). I’m also currently working on a short story and my third full length novel (not bug related).


What inspired you to write, The Bug Boys?

When I was a kid, my friends and I would draw bug characters based on the 80’s rap scene. They were always wearing Adidas sans laces (RUN D.M.C!) gold chains, and big sunglasses. Then much, much later (2006), I was watching the movie, Superman Returns, and I started to wonder what kind of superhero I would like to read about.

What makes The Bug Boys unique?

My superhero kids get their powers in an unusual way. They have to eat bugs! This also connects them to a race of aliens called the Secti. Centimeter tall robots that evolved from bug like creatures on the planet, Nest.


How long have you been working on the Bug Boys series?

A little over two years now. I started work on the first Bug Boys book in March 2015 and released it August 2016. It takes me about a year to get the first draft done (48K words). The second book in the series is almost exactly the same length and took about the same amount of time. I work slowly. I have a third book planned and might have that available in 2019.

When will it be available to buy? Where?

The Bug Boys series is available in all the usual online books stores. I set the price of the first eBook to 99 cents. A nice get-to-know-a-new-author price!

You can contact Stewart Hoffman at his Twitter (@StewartFHoffman), on Facebook (, on Instagram (shoffman3572), or at his website: (mainly for movie reviews, but information about his books is there too).




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